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Webinar with Dr Phil Driver: Framing strategy when emerging from a crisis

If dozens or even hundreds of stakeholders are required to implement a strategy after a major crisis then it is essential that they can all understand it and know exactly what they need to do. The simple yet rigorous OpenStrategies system creates and validates such strategies. Phil’s webinar (hosted by the Association for Project Management) … Continue reading

Survey design: start with the end in mind and keep it simple!

Recently, I’ve been advising on survey design for a consultation exercise and emphasising 2 key points: Start with the end in mind Keep it simple I wrote a while ago about lessons learnt for designing customer and staff surveys. I described 5 mistakes people make: Failing to link survey questions to survey objectives Asking too … Continue reading

What’s your philosophy and approach to strategic planning?

“What’s your philosophy and approach to strategic planning?” That’s the question I was asked in a recent tender document and it made me think about some of the principles that underpin how I work with clients to help them develop their plans. 2 of my favourite planning quotes: “Plans are nothing, planning is everything” (Eisenhower) … Continue reading

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