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How confident are you in your Project Plan?

As I was coming home recently on the A40, I passed a new McDonalds construction site and a sign that said: “Your new McDonalds will be opening at 10:30 on 28th June“. That sign has been there for at least the past 2 months. What a stark contrast with the signs we see on many … Continue reading

Getting started with Digital Transformation in your Charity – a breakfast briefing

Today, my colleagues from ShoNet and I ran a breakfast briefing for Third Sector organisations who want to make a start on their “digital journey”. My presentation covered the following topics: 3 reasons for needing to transform digitally 3 potential areas of benefit Strategy – Process – Capability As Is or To Be mapping? mapping … Continue reading

After “Fake Leadership”, now it’s “Stupid Leadership”

I recently wrote about Fake Leadership and the four characteristics you can use to recognise it. Now, in the wake of the UK General Election, I’m hearing the term “stupid leadership” and, perhaps surprisingly, there’s actually some academic research on the subject. Mats Alvesson and Andre Spicer published “A stupidity-based theory of organisations” in 2012. … Continue reading

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