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When I founded this business, I made a commitment to provide an average of 1 day of pro bono consultancy support per month. Based on my average daily fee rate, I have provided over £100,000 of free consulting to the Third Sector (2008-2018). I am also a member of the OR Society’s Pro Bono Steering Group, which provides OR volunteers to charities. In March 2018, I became one of the founding Trustees of Dachshund Health UK (Registered Charity 1177400).
In addition to the positive feedback we get from clients about the quality of our work and the service we provide, we regularly get told “You’re not like other Consultants”. Here’s why…
We do:

Whatever it takes to meet your requirements as a client – we go the extra mile to ensure we deliver.

Help make improvement happen – and give your people the skills to sustain improvements in the future.

Provide Consultants who have “been there, done that” – we’ve been Line Managers as well as Consultants and we know what works.

Make ourselves available 24/7 – we’re happy to help with client questions during the day, evenings, or at weekends.

Make it simple to do business with us – we’ll fit in with whatever systems and procedures you need us to.

Take our Corporate Social Responsibility seriously – we’ve provided free consultancy support to the Rory Peck Trust, Julian Housing Support Trust, Media Legal Defence Initiative, Marie Curie Cancer Care, Community Innovation, The Butler Trust and many more. Read more about Third Sector experience.

Make all our articles and Whitepapers freely available (no need to register your e-mail address) on our Shared Knowledge pages.

We don’t:

Have one fixed methodology and expect you to fit with that – we know what’s in the Improvement Toolkit and work with you to develop an approach to deliver the improvements you need.

“Camp out” on client premises with teams of consultants busily holding meetings with each other, creating Action Plans that nobody will ever implement.

Start trying to sell you the next piece of work as soon as we’ve started working with you – if we do a good job, we are confident that you will want to work with us again in the future.

Provide “Junior Consultants” who learn their trade at your expense – our Consultants make a contribution to your organisation from Day 1.

We speak plain English:

Far too many Consultants get wrapped up in their own worlds and create a language of their own; one that is often bemusing and impenetrable to their clients. You won’t end up playing “Buzzword Bingo” when you work with us.

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