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What we do:

We enable organisations to increase their capability for Continuous Improvement.  We help clients with Process Improvement, Performance Management and Project Management.  We’re not wedded to a particular improvement methodology, but over the years we’ve learnt most of them and helped clients apply them, tailored to their starting point and needs.  We believe there are 8 reasons why we add value.

Who we are:

Improvement Skills Consulting Ltd. was established in 2007 by Ian Seath who has consulting experience going back to 1990 (and internal consulting and facilitation prior to that).  Ian has worked with more than 200 clients and helped implement a wide range of approaches to improve customer satisfaction, reduce process cycle-times, drive out waste and actively engage staff in continuous performance improvement.

Ian’s experience covers the private, public and voluntary sectors and he has worked with Boards, Managers and Front-line Staff.  He works as a Coach, Facilitator, Project Leader and Trainer.

The business was set up with some very clear values and beliefs about how a consultancy should behave with its clients and partners in order to deliver real value.  We call this approach “Ethical Consulting”.

Who we work with:

As with many specialist consultancies, we don’t claim to be able to “do everything”. Therefore we work in partnership with other consulting and technology organisations.  This enables us to build a tailored and flexible resource to meet a wide range of client needs.  On the right, you’ll find links to some of our partners.

Working with us:

We’re interested in working with other like-minded consultants who have a track-record of delivering added value to clients. If you’d like to work with us as an Associate or Partner, please e-mail us or use the Contact page.

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