Process Improvement

Process Improvement: 100% of an organisation’s performance results are caused by its processes and there are many tools and techniques available to help improve performance. We have enabled clients to:

  • Reduce approvals process cycle-time from an average of 42 days to 5 days within three months
  • Identify £1M of cost savings in a major claims process
  • Increase capacity to 110% of target in a health-testing process
  • Reduce financial transaction processing errors to 0.25% in 2 months

Our experience covers many “flavours” of Process Improvement, including:

  • Process Management (at organisational and process levels)
  • BPI (using the DMAIC approach)
  • BPR
  • Lean
  • Six Sigma (and Lean Sigma)
  • Root Cause Problem Solving

Ian’s clients include:

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