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A free history lesson with every Project Management workshop!

So many times, I get feedback from participants on my Project Management workshops that it wasn’t at all what they expected. Their perceptions had been that PM was riddled with jargon and all about filling in templates. I try to make my workshops much more rounded than simply teaching project processes and tools. If you … Continue reading

Guest blog: Is your ego too big for your business? (flowchart)

Author: Meredith Wood (vice president at Fundera) There’s a fine line between celebrating your accomplishments and suffering from an overinflated ego. Indeed, inflated egos are quite common, and are often easily explained by a phenomenon known as Hubris Syndrome. As you gain more power or become more successful, people naturally laugh at your jokes more … Continue reading

Performance vs. Trust – Simon Sinek’s view on who to recruit

Simon Sinek shares a really simple model that explains why it’s not always best to recruit, promote or reward high performers. He says that high performers that you can’t trust create a toxic atmosphere at work. It reminded me of a couple of blog posts I wrote in 2017: Stupid Leadership Fake Leadership . . . … Continue reading

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