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Trello for PMOs – Some great ideas from the PMO Flashmob

I’ve been a Trello user for some years now and have written about how I use it to support client assignments. I’ve also produced a public Trello Board where I share Project articles, tools and resources. Trello is particularly useful in (and originates from) the world of Agile Project Management but I have found it … Continue reading

The value of a “Charter” for high-performing Project Teams

I was running a workshop for a group of researchers and analysts and we were discussing how to set the team up for success. The focus of the conversation was around how to ensure the team behaves in a positive, collaborative, way. High-performing teams have two types of conversation. They talk about: the task they … Continue reading

The value of a fresh eye on your project’s viability

I was recently speaking with a colleague about how easy we find it to evaluate the viability of projects and programmes, based on our years of experience. It’s something we both do and we can usually arrive at a pretty good diagnosis in a short space of time. We usually approach this sort of project … Continue reading

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