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Digital business in real-time: ISIS Papyrus Open House 2019

At the recent ISIS Papyrus UK Open House, Tony Lawrence and Rob Browne talked about Unified Document Design. This is one of the key features within the papyrus suite of software that really appeal to people in the business. It’s for them, not for the IT folk. There’s a new Business Designer tool to make … Continue reading

Max Pucher’s Keynote at ISIS Papyrus Open House 2019

It’s always a pleasure to attend the ISIS Papyrus Open House and thanks, once again, to Antony Haslett and his colleagues for their hospitality. Max Pucher (CTO) gave the keynote presentation “The push and shove of digital”. His main theme was that the “push” comes from the progress in technology and the “shove” comes from … Continue reading

Business Continuity made simple

My colleague John Eary wrote about the challenges of developing an effective approach to business continuity following a few well-publicised incidents and it’s becoming topical once again with the uncertainty surrounding Brexit. I previously worked with Nimbus Partners on developing an approach to implementing Business Continuity approaches using their Control process management software. These days, I use elements … Continue reading

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