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Impact Mapping and OpenStrategies PRUB-thinking

I enjoy reading Scrum-master Magnus Dahlgren’s blog and a recent one on Impact Mapping particularly caught my eye because of its similarities to OpenStrategies’ PRUB-thinking. Magnus’s model links Goals to Deliverables: Goals describe what a project is trying to achieve Actors are the people who will use a product created by a project, or are impacted … Continue reading

There are no shortcuts from Projects to Benefits – we’re in a new book!

I’m pleased to have received my copy of “Further Advances in Project Management”, edited by Prof. Darren Dalcher. Phil Driver and I wrote a chapter for the book which describes how the OpenStrategies approach can be applied to help define clear benefits in programmes and projects. “There are no shortcuts from Projects to Benefits” is … Continue reading

Attention, Project Managers: a Deliverable is NEVER a Benefit!

Project Managers (PMs) rightly spend a lot of time focusing on delivering “stuff” on-time, on-budget and to the required specification. However, occasionally, I come across PMs who think that a deliverable (“stuff”) is a benefit. More worryingly, there are plenty of senior managers who think the same. A recently overheard conversation went along the following lines: … Continue reading

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