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Getting to the root of business jargon – tips to stop the bull****

A recent Harvard blog article If We All Hate Business Jargon, Why Do We Keep Using It? discusses the perennial problem of managers using meaningless jargon (talking bullshit) and identifies a number of tips for dealing with the issue. I’ve written previously about the rise of Fake Leadership and the tendency of these managers to use empty platitudes (with … Continue reading

Leading Lean: Self-assessing strengths and areas for improvement

I recently designed a 2-day Lean Leadership workshop for a client and part of the content is a self-assessment exercise which the participants do individually. It’s based on 5 principles that underpin what leaders need to do: The self-assessment asks 5 questions in each of these areas to identify the extent to which people are … Continue reading

After “Fake Leadership”, now it’s “Stupid Leadership”

I recently wrote about Fake Leadership and the four characteristics you can use to recognise it. Now, in the wake of the UK General Election, I’m hearing the term “stupid leadership” and, perhaps surprisingly, there’s actually some academic research on the subject. Mats Alvesson and Andre Spicer published “A stupidity-based theory of organisations” in 2012. … Continue reading

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