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We need a bit less Sapp¡ and a lot more Zapp!

One of the best books on Leadership that I first read a long time ago is “Zapp! The Lightning of Empowerment”. I’ve even got a copy signed by the author, Bill Byham. Zapp! was named the number one business book of the 1990s in a survey of CEOs. I’ll save you the trouble of reading … Continue reading

A Change Management Consultant’s view of Covid-19

FOGO = Fear of going out FOMO = Fear of missing out  

Behavioural change techniques to unlock “Project Fear”

It’s pretty clear that some well-established behavioural change techniques were employed by the UK government to enable us to “flatten the curve” and thus avoid the Covid19 pandemic overwhelming the NHS. Daily press briefings with a focus on the number of deaths and endless media doom-mongering have created a climate of fear. Recent surveys suggest … Continue reading

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