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EURO Working Group on the Practice of Operational Research – videos

My thanks to Daniel Tilley for sharing this information:

After being postponed from March to September then moved online, as a result of Covid, the third workshop of the EURO Working Group on the Practice of OR opened on the afternoon of the 28th September, with the theme of Challenges in the deployment of OR projects. The programme planned for the physical workshop was restructured as two half day sessions on the 28th and 29th September followed by a series of one hour webinars every Monday from the 5th October to 2nd November. Details of the programme can be found at lot of hard work by the organising committee resulted in an interesting and engaging virtual workshop, with positive feedback from those who attended. Making it virtual also there was an opportunity for attendees from further afield, which included attendees from the Philippines and Argentina.

The sessions on the 28th and 29th September comprised plenary talks and parallel workshops, with each day ending with a social event. The webinar series comprised the contributed talks. All of the talks gave fascinating insights into the successes and challenges faced when deploying OR projects. It was reassuring that OR is still seen as delivering valuable contributions, in the face of the excitement around AI and machine learning, and that many of the challenges we face individually are shared by our peers and we have a network of peers, from across Europe, that we can tap into. Recordings of the plenaries can be found at and the contributed talks at


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