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ISIS Papyrus UK Open House 2018 – happy 30th Birthday!

ISIS Papyrus held their UK Open House on 27th September and I was very kindly invited to attend. I always look forward to hearing CTO Max Pucher speaking as he tends to shake things up with his views on technology.

papyrus-logo10This year, he was speaking about “Digital Transformation” in a session titled “A look under the covers”. He explained that his role as CTO is to predict the future but he took the opportunity to remind us of some history! There was a quick whiz through Liebnitz (1705), Boole (1854), Shannon (1938) and Atanasoff who conceived the first digital computer in 1937 and successfully tested in over the next few years. Many of the drivers for digital development have come from military requirements and, increasingly, from the needs of businesses to count things.

Max talked about 3 aspects of “digital”; firstly, conversion or digitisation of existing content. Secondly, digitalisation of processes covering technologies such as recognition (audio, image, video) and machine learning. Finally, Digital Transformation is very much a current hype term but very little is actually being said about how to achieve it in a reasonable timescale. The Papyrus approach and technology platforms helps address this real-world challenge by creating an environment that supports goal-oriented processes that join-up a business, its partners and its customers.

The majority of the day was spent on discussions and demonstrations of the papyrus platform and its components. In broad terms, these covered:

  • Omni channel customer engagement
  • Document design for physical and digital channels
  • Best practices for transforming paper to digital
  • Automation of inbound and outbound communications with customers
  • Campaign management

We also heard about a revolutionary new product, Papyrus Converse, which can be used to build business applications rapidly and at a fraction of the cost of current tools. By adopting business language, IT terminology can be avoided, and new apps can be developed in low-code.

The final session of the day was Max, again, talking about some examples of Adaptive Case Management which is a goal-oriented approach to business processes and avoids the rigidity often implied by more conventional “flowcharting” ways of thinking.

As always, it was a stimulating day and an opportunity to hear about some of the novel thinking the team at ISIS Papyrus bring to their products. While lots of people are talking about Digital Transformation, ISIS Papyrus has been helping their clients achieve that for most of their history.  And, as a reminder, the day was a chance to celebrate their 30th anniversary.



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