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Demand Management: 5 strategies drawn from risk mitigation

I have been running some masterclasses on Demand Management recently and while thinking through the various strategies and tactics that could be adopted, I had a flash of inspiration from Risk Management.

Many people will have come across the 4 Ts of risk mitigation:

  • Tolerate – acknowledge and live with the risk, but monitor
  • Transfer – get someone else to take on the risk (e.g. via insurance)
  • Treat – reduce the likelihood of the risk happening or minimise its impact
  • Terminate – remove the root cause of the risk

These lead you to specific actions as part of a risk management plan, either for an organisation or a project/programme.

My adaptation of this for Demand Management is:

  • Tolerate the demand – acknowledge it exists but work on improving the process
  • Transfer the demand – get someone else to respond to the demand
  • Treat:
    • Increase the demand – sometimes you need to stimulate more demand
    • Decrease the demand – reduce the need or make it more difficult to access the service
  • Terminate – eliminate the root causes of the demand

I summarised these and some associated tactics in the mindmap below:

Demand Management 2


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