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A day with Phil Driver – OpenStrategies revisited

Yesterday, I spent the day with Dr Phil Driver getting his latest news and views on the evolution of the OpenStrategies PRUB-thinking approach.

OS%20book%20cover%20design180x255The effective development and implementation of strategies requires many steps involving many different stakeholders, especially in the public sector. Each stakeholder has different requirements yet they must all communicate effectively with each other. This requires a strategy system based on simple, common language and seamlessly connected processes. OpenStrategies is exactly this type of system and is based on “PRUB-thinking” where PRUB represents the universal sequence:

Run Projects to create Results that enables Uses to create Benefits

The one day workshop reminded us of the basic skills in PRUB-thinking and strategy validation by creating example ‘SubStrategies’. Phil then discussed how PRUB-thinking guides you to:

  1. Understand Uses and Benefits: (Engage with end-users)
  2. Understand Projects and Results: (Engage with service-suppliers)
  3. Develop and Validate strategies: (Use Evidence to compellingly Link Projects & Results to Uses & Benefits)
  4. Develop business cases and funding applications: (Prove it’s ‘worth-it’)
  5. Make funding decisions: (Select the best investments)
  6. Create Benefits-focused contracts: (Create ‘PRUB-accountable’ contracts)
  7. Implement strategies and contracts: (Create assets & enable people to Use them to create Benefits)
  8. Monitor and manage performance: (PRUB-Accountability)
  9. Review and update PRUB-strategies: (Respond to changing circumstances)

There are some very clear messages that arise from PRUB-thinking, such as:

  • Project Managers cannot “deliver benefits”
  • Neither can they be held accountable for “realising benefits”, although they can influence their likelihood
  • Many “benefits” claimed in Programmes and Projects, simply aren’t Benefits
  • A project deliverable is never a benefit

About Phil Driver

Dr Phil Driver is the developer of the OpenStrategies system and author of Validating Strategies – linking Projects and Results to Uses and Benefits  Contact:   +64 (0)21 0236 5861. Look out for his new book.

Read more about PRUB.


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