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ISIS Papyrus UK Open House 2017 – from AI to Apps, via Document Management (Part 2)

In Part 1, I wrote about Max Pucher’s keynote presentation on the hype of Artificial Intelligence and why he thinks it is mostly nonsense. Here, I want to summarise a few of the other sessions that I found of interest from the 2017 UK Open House.

Digital business in real time was Freddie van Rijswijk’s first topic. He talked about blending of the physical world and the electronic world (paper and technology).
He explained the Customer Engagement Cycle…
Attract, acquire, care, retain (manage) and described how omni-channel customer experience requires true integration between channels and the back-end. This is different from “multi-channel” because Inbound and outbound communication are integrated. To achieve this needs Enterprise-wide collaboration – a single view of all customer activity. It therefore requires a digital platform – integration is key. ISIS Papyrus allows for flexible integration between existing applications with message-based adapters, file-based adapters, database type managers and device adapters.

Inbound process flow involves: acquisition – capture – classify – extract – validate (verify and correct) – distribution (to internal users). Everything is archived. Process can be monitored.

Outbound process flow involves: input data – formatting (Building blocks, resources) – collect and split document pool (can integrate other docs) – compose output – print/send/deliver – archive. Plus process monitoring.

Digital solutions should be defined and maintained by business teams and Adaptive Case Management allows for intelligent variations, on the fly, in the process.

Christoph Ruhsam built on the Adaptive Case Management theme with his presentation and he said that the digital revolution calls for business transformation. 3 focus areas require a paradigm shift:

  • Collaborative processes to avoid customer frustration – flexible business activities
  • Customer experience – omni-channel assisted digital interactions
  • Personalised services – digital services to manage customer needs

We need to empower business users and enable flexibility while staying compliant.
There is lots of tacit business knowledge which can be used to define ad hoc tasks on the fly, based on experience but within rules to remain compliant.

ACM is about achieving goals using 5 components… rules, GUI, entities, content, activities/tasks. We need to think about goal-oriented value streams from a customer perspective, not steps to follow (process flowcharts). ACM is the antidote to annoying, repetitive work!

A new world of disruptive business application building was Max’s next topic. He started by saying Case Management is not necessarily the mindset of business users. “Business people don’t want to talk in BPMN language and don’want to sit in front of a flowchart.” Isis Papyrus don’t want to stick to old process language and thinking. They have decided to move towards a conversational user interface – chat vs. a conventional UI – and called it Papyrus Converse. This is heavily reliant on machine learning.

Watch the video.

The final session that I found particularly interesting was on the subject of Business Apps. Private life use of apps and mobile is common. Less so with business life.
Isis Papyrus offer a standard software app but re-branded which allows you to create your own in-house application store. It can be fully integrated with back-end office systems. Applications appear on a mobile device but are configured on the server side. A business can decide what what it wants to show and how to show it. This was defined as Mobile Back-end as a Service (MBaaS). It features secure log-in, no confidential data is stored on the mobile device and can have controlled offline capabilities.

The range of possibilities for using such apps is growing and includes:

  • Recruitment – one client is now 99% paperless and 90% mobile or web
  • Inducting new people, managing timekeeping, absence, expenses etc.
  • Workflows to manager’s inbox for approvals, reporting etc.
  • Ticketing solutions e.g. for enquiries, incidents, helpdesk
  • Contact and lead management

I left the Open House feeling Isis Papyrus has come a long way in the past couple of years with solutions that could be game-changers for their clients. Inbound and outbound document management and communications has always been core to the Papyrus solution but the machine learning and app developments really do enable new ways of working.

More Isis Papyrus videos.













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