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Project Management

50 shades of delay – how to bring your project in on time

At a recent workshop the participants generated a mindmap of all the things they do to help bring their projects in on time.  The mindmap is shown below the following text list of the content. [My Project Management resources page is here]

  • On-time Projects
    • Stakeholders
      • Goal clarity
        • Check and challenge assumptions
      • Manage expectations
        • Honest conversations
        • Cross-project view
        • Push back
      • Under promise, over deliver
      • Timely decisions and approvals
      • Manage risk
    • Planning
      • Collaborative planning
      • Manage critical activities
        • Critical Path
        • More parallel working
      • Manage critical resources
        • Critical Chain
        • Resource planning
        • Logistics
          • Procurement strategy
        • Buffered programmes
        • % Plan Complete metrics
        • Avoid multi-tasking
      • Estimating tools
      • Incremental delivery
      • Benchmarking
        • Copy success
        • Use lessons learnt
      • Peer reviews
    • Reduce Scope
      • Agree “good enough”
      • Minimum viable product
      • Minimum lovable product
    • Resources
      • Work harder
      • Work longer hours
      • Add more resource
        • “Resource Crashing”
      • The right tools
        • IT
        • Collaboration
    • Project Team
      • Leadership & accountability
      • Teambuilding
      • Match skills to roles
        • Role clarity
        • RACI Matrix
      • Offer incentives
      • Stand-up meetings
        • Appropriate meeting frequency

Avoid project delay





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