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GradStart – bridging the employability skills gap for graduates and employers

Akonia GradStart Logo v2 w440h113I’ve been working with Gary Weinstein ( and a number of other colleagues to develop an employability programme for graduates entering the world of work.  Today, we were finalising the syllabus for the first programme which is due to run in the New Year.

Employability and employability skills have become key issues for UK businesses. They impact on competitiveness, economic growth and Britain’s place in the global economy. They are critically important to our future.

That is why we have developed the GradStartTM Business and Soft Skills Development Programme. It provides graduates with the practical knowledge and skills they need to make a productive and valuable contribution to businesses, and to your business in particular. With our programme you will be able to integrate graduates into your business rapidly and see their performance take off.

Training is highly prized by employees and job-seekers according to numerous surveys by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and other organisations. It is frequently ranked as important as salary when making career decisions. Training tends to engender more flexible and committed employees.

We passionately believe that the better start organisations give their young college and university graduate recruits, then the more successful the organisation and the graduates will be.

Find out more about GradStart here.

We’ve designed a ​10-day GradStartTM training programme – comprising 12 modules running over a 1-year period, specifically for the needs of inexperienced employees as they progress in their early years of employment.  There is the option to continue the GradStartTM training programme for a second year to extend the knowledge of these employees.












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