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When Project Management becomes People Management

Sophie Carr, David Wrigley and I facilitated a “Making an Impact” workshop on dealing with challenging stakeholder situations when you’re managing a project.  The participants were OR practitioners with a range of experience in managing their own projects.  We worked through three scenarios and developed model answers.

The scenario I introduced was this:

You are 2 months into a 6 month project.  Your Project Sponsor is a very senior manager who is incredibly busy. S/he says all the right things about the project, but doesn’t actually help unblock some of the barriers to progress.  S/he usually only makes about 15 minutes a fortnight available to you and it’s proving impossible to get more time in his/her diary.  There’s a critical project review point coming up in a couple of weeks and you know there are some difficult decisions to be made about the way the project is going.  What do you do?

Here’s the Mindmap of suggestions…

Stakeholder problem







You can download the workshop handout on Stakeholder Management here: Managing_stakeholders_handout






One thought on “When Project Management becomes People Management

  1. Love the mindmap!! Really makes it a lot easier to understand what you are saying.

    Posted by pmschooling | September 12, 2014, 12:28 am

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