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9 powerful reasons to invest in your people

Here’s a short presentation with some useful data to support the value of investing in people…

  • 1. Untrained employees take up to six times longer to perform the same task as trained employees. Source: HP
  • 2. Organizations that invest in employee training outperform the market by 45%. Source: ASTD
  • 3. Organizations that purchased training in Finance and Accounting increased cash flow by 16.3% on average. Source: LearnDash
  • 4. Organizations that purchased training in sales and marketing increased their sales by 6.5% and increased their profit margin by a whopping 24% on average. Source: LearnDash
  • 5. 60% of employees would opt to stay with an employer that invests in their professional development, rather than go to an employer that pays more but does not invest in professional development. Source: CIPD
  • 6. Companies that don’t train their employees are 3x more likely to lose them than companies that do train their employees. Source: Business Week
  • 7. Replacing a professional costs your company about $100,000. Source: Development Dimensions International
  • 8. Just a 2% increase in productivity can yield a 100% return on investment in outsourced, instructor- lead training. Source: Avatech
  • 9. Studies show that in- house training costs 73% more than outsourced training. Source: HP











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