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Are you “100% Buzzword Compliant”?

Buzzword_compliantI came across the term “Buzzword Compliant” in the comments section of this blog post about Agile Project Management and it struck a chord.

It sums up so many of the things I’ve said and written previously about organisations that are looking for a “silver bullet” that will enable them to solve all their performance problems. It also applies to all the consultants who peddle their (latest) methodologies.

How would you recognise Buzzword Compliance?

  • Lots of people trained (and “certified”), but no improvement
  • Lots of improvement projects started, but none finished
  • Lots of documentation to demonstrate how much xyz methodology is underway, but no documented benefits
  • Lots of posters and newsletters extolling the virtues of xyz methodology, but no improvement
  • Senior managers who have attended “awareness” sessions, but have not led or participated in any improvement activities
  • Middle managers who have been told by senior managers to “do xyz methodology”

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