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I’ve got my copy of “Validating Strategies”

Phil Driver’s new book “Validating Strategies” arrived in the post this morning.  Fantastic to see it, in print, finally.

Organisations continue to struggle with their strategies; even when they have a strategy development process, their plans rarely have the impact that was intended. Too many of their people don’t know about the strategy, don’t understand it or can’t translate it into what it means for their role.

Validating Strategies addresses the taxonomy, syntax and semantics of strategies; in other words: what does the strategy say, how does it relate to other plans, what are the causalities between the strategy and successful business outcomes and how should this all be expressed in a language that everyone in the organization can understand.

The model at the heart of this book – Organisations run Projects that produce Results and enable people to Use them to create Benefits (PRUB) – offers an intuitive approach that links collaborative strategic planning and validation to project and programme management so as to create, validate and implement strategies.

The strategy development and validation model offered by Phil addresses the struggle of organisations to realise their strategy, replacing endless projects that don’t quite seem to deliver what the organization needs with an easy-to-understand, implementable methodology that can be validated with evidence.

Having worked with Phil and his PRUB-thinking approach since 2007 I can confidently say it’s a really simple, but powerful way of making sense of strategy. I think it has huge potential in the field of project and programme management where there’s a big need to sharpen-up Benefits thinking.



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