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Not ready for Big Data? Get your head round Small Data first

As organisations large and small are grappling with ever more complex data and they look to managers from all backgrounds to make sense of the numbers, provide insight and guidance. Paradoxically, traditional education and training often ignores simple tools (like Pareto and Run Charts) to make numbers work harder and they don’t show you how to communicate the numbers’ meaning in a compelling, persuasive way.

In partnership with Miriam Gilbert, MD of Storytelling with Numbers, we are running 4 “taster” seminars to provide you with an overview of how you can drive performance improvement by making better use of numbers. We give you an insight into the simple tools and methods to turn that data into meaningful messages to inspire non-technical audiences and we reveal the tricks used by professionals to appear relaxed and confident when delivering their insights in any business setting.

Benefits to you:

  • Identify tools to help others see the wood from the trees
  • Improve your ability to prove real performance improvement has happened
  • Enhance your credibility with key decision makers by presenting your messages with impact
  • Expand your sphere of influence outside the professional area of your expertise

What we cover:

  • How to decide whether to present an insightful chart or a table of data
  • Key tips for making tables of data easier for your audience to digest
  • The 2 most under-used charts for highlighting priorities and variation
  • 2 data presentation tools to prove that performance has (or hasn’t) improved
  • The three main presentation types, differences between them and when to use each one
  • How to structure a technical presentation to convey an engaging and compelling message using storytelling
  • 3 simple design steps to creating a presentation that supports your message and wows the audience
  • 4 exercises to calm your nerves and project confidence and gravitas in front of any audience
  • What to do about useful hand-outs (and never, ever use your slides)

4 Free half-day Workshops:

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These events are also available in-house.  E-mail for more information.


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