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ISIS Papyrus 2013 Open House – Focus on customer engagement

2013-06-20 09.20.15 I spent an interesting day as a guest of ISIS Papyrus at their annual UK Open House and User Conference today.  The conference this year was structured around the “Customer Engagement Cycle”: Attract – Acquire – Care – Retain.

The “Attract” phase is one where suppliers often bombard potential customers with too many marketing offers in the hope that one will fit.  The Papyrus platform enables businesses to be much more focused in their campaigns, using automation to free up marketing people to concentrate on more relevant offers and messages.  The system also enables effective tracking of campaigns which can be delivered via SMS, e-mail, browsers, mobile or conventional print.

The “Acquire” phase presentation focused on the ease of use of Papyrus solutions to design and manage outbound campaigns; for example through the use of re-usable content and highly customisable documents.  The aim is to give the business the tools to ensure customers receive the same information regardless of their chosen interaction channel and to do it in a way that is highly efficient.

“Care” is all about delivering high-performance customer service and this means customer information needs to be transparently available at the fingertips of service staff.   Papyrus has always been strong on Case Management and enables staff to have an immediate view of the status of any e-mail, telephone call, or letter that has been received or is in process.  The system can be configured to offer “standard” responses, or highly customised ones, together with a range of rules and authorisation levels to help speed up workflows.

Finally, the “Retain” phase of the cycle is all about enabling an organisation to become more customer-centric by providing the right data and feedback to maintain or enhance relationships with existing customers. Attendees were shown numerous examples of how easy it is to configure and use different elements of the Papyrus platform at each of the four stages of the Customer Engagement Cycle.

This year, there was a significant focus on the use of mobile technology and some impressive demonstrations of how smartphones and tablets can be used for both inbound and outbound marketing.

One of the other things that particularly interested me was the idea of a maturity model describing the range of ways organisations approach document management.  At one end of the scale, “immature” organisations process their incoming paperwork and simply scan it at the end of the process in order to file it.  At the “mature” end of the scale, incoming documents are scanned and their content is extracted, indexed, filtered and categorised at the start of the process.  The added value here is that the information extracted can be used to improve the management of any individual case.  Cases can be directed to the most suitable member of staff and tailored responses can be configured more easily.  Delay is the number one enemy of customer service and the Papyrus system is ideally suited to reducing case management cycle-times.

I felt the use of the Customer Engagement Cycle was really helpful in providing context to the Papyrus components and how they can be used individually, or combined, to address different business needs. 2013-06-20 15.29.02 As always, the hospitality was excellent and the weather even managed to stay fine enough for us to have lunch outdoors.  My thanks to all the ISIS Papyrus team for inviting me to spend the day with them.

If you’d like to read Whitepapers from Isis Papyrus, or catch up on CEO Max Pucher’s latest thinking visit this page.


One thought on “ISIS Papyrus 2013 Open House – Focus on customer engagement

  1. I am in the beginning stages of a consultancy. I am gathering my thoughts and acquiring new ones. I like the cyclical nature of customer service. It is not necessarily new but definitely better defined. I am using these types of concepts to create a Service Oriented consultancy, focused on front-of-the-house restaurant and retail operations.

    Posted by conhippy | June 20, 2013, 8:34 pm

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