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Smarter Fundraising – the role of technology and processes in empowering your people

Smarter_FundraisingJoin us as we give you practical skills on how to fundraise more effectively in your organisation by finding a smarter way to utilise current infrastructure as well as inexpensive tools readily available.  This event is hosted by SHONET and will be followed by a networking session.

Date: 14th May 2012

Time: 9:30am – 12:30pm

Place: Society Building, 8 All Saints Street, London N1 9RL

This half-day event will be focused on Fundraising and the components needed to ensure organisations Fundraise better, namely through Technology and Processes. Also on the day will be a talk from Salesforce Foundation, who donate 10 user licenses and offer discounted licenses to Not for Profit organisations.

Presenters will include Clyde Williams (Sho-Net), Ian Seath (Improvement Skills Consulting) and Jim Levi (Salesforce Foundation).

You can register on-line here, or to book a free ticket please email or call her on 020 8885 8136.

What you can expect to hear on the day


“For Fundraisers to be successful they need to be supported by the right technology to smooth their administration”. Clyde Williams, ShoNet.

  • The Platform – how to utilise Leaders, People, Processes and Technology.
  • Sharing some of the lessons we have learnt from assisting our fundraising clients such as; relationship-building; how you would track such relationships and contacts.
  • Conducting the right research to decide “winnable bids” and “unwinnable bids”.


“You can have the most highly skilled and motivated people, but if you put them in a lousy process, the process will win every time”. Ian Seath, Improvement Skills Consulting.

  • Show you how you can engage your people to improve your processes.
  • Explain why you need to understand today’s processes, before you think about automating them.
  • How much change and improvement do you need and can you cope with?  We’ll describe how designing options for tomorrow’s processes can help you determine what’s likely to work best in your organisation and culture.

There will be a presentation from Saleforce Foundation who will showcase how non-profit organisations effectively utilise the Salesforce donated and discounted licenses.

Some of the attendee feedback from previous events:

“Professional, full of interest and relevant information; well-organised” E. Robinson

“Covered on what I needed” G. Johnson

“Very good overall – Thank-you”




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