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Audi, Vidi, Tacu – Dangerous dining with TIBCO

I was invited to TIBCO’s Dangerous Dining Lunch event on 13th November, which was held in the (Masonic) Temple at London’s Andac Hotel and I wanted to share some information from the presentations.

Audi, Vidi, Tacu, was the slogan written on the wall in the temple and, luckily, someone on our table was able to do a Google search to discover it is Latin for “Hear, See, Shut up”. So, now you know!

TIBCO VP Ian Gotts, who I’ve known for many years in his former NimbusPartners role was the first speaker and he talked about  some of the changes and challenges we’re experiencing as a result of emerging (and converging) technologies including Cloud, Big Data and Mobile.

He gave an example of Parking Meters – these can now be devices beaming out data and gathering data from their environment. They have the potential to eliminate the need for Parking Wardens – meters could detect your car and automatically charge you to park, perhaps even varying the fee depending on supply and demand for spaces. Meters could beam out messages to you in your car to help you find an empty space.

New businesses are being created by the possibilities of new technology. Old businesses are being turned upside down by “digital disruption”.  The pace of change and innovation is increasing.  We’re in a business world of quick start-ups where entrepreneurs try something and move on if it doesn’t work.  Businesses need more people thinking like entrepreneurs.

Technology can help and the incoming generation is even more comfortable using technology. Children growing up with iPads don’t necessarily expect computers to have keyboards.  Apparently, Steve Jobs said kids probably see a paper magazine as an iPad that doesn’t work properly.

A key issue for large companies is getting staff to change and Ian’s advice was to spend more time on the people who want to do it and those who are undecided. This very much mirrors all my posts on change management.

Compliance is a huge barrier to small companies and becoming big business for Regulators.  We’re seeing huge fines in financial services e.g. for PPI mis-selling and this is an even bigger issue for pharmaceutical companies.  Ian introduced the idea of “agile compliance”, which sounds a bit of an oxymoron.

Roger King TIBCO Product Manager gave us an update on developments on their range of “process products”which includes Active Matrix BPM and iProcess.

ActiveMatrix BPM has a range of uses including Modelling, Process Management and Workflow Management. Its latest release has seen numerous improvements, so it is effectively “BPM in a box”.

Roger mentioned as a useful source of information on workflow and you can download a paper on how TIBCO software realises different workflow patterns.

ActvieMatrix BPM  can import from Nimbus Control to create executable business process applications.  The software is scaled for 20,000 user organisations, with 18 million activities in a 10 hour working day, or bigger.

iProcess is a mature product, but still evolving and still supported, with various releases and updates driven by customers.

Finally, Roger mentioned TIBCO’s user conference: TUCON 2012 and this year’s themes. He summarised these as:

  • Digital customer experience management – how to create and maintain loyalty
  • Big data – how to find patterns in data
  • Social enterprise – how to enable collaboration
  • Consumerisation of IT – how tablets and Apps are changing our view of technology

The final speaker was BT’s Clifford Johns who talked about his role in the department responsible for planning and building infrastructure for services.  He showed us screenshots of a web-based tool that has been developed for task management. It combines project planning (Gantt Charts) with process definition and makes use of TIBCO’s iProcess software.

This has 3500 users, 750 concurrent and manages 1500 projects per day, with this likely to go up to 7000 projects/day. This tool has been used to help roll out BT infinity for BT Openreach and also for creating the infrastructure in the London Olympic Village.

In summary:

Overall, it was an interesting afternoon, which introduced me to some TIBCO products beyond Nimbus Control.  Control is now being used on many TIBCO projects as a key tool for capturing As Is Processes and understanding how TIBCO solutions can help improve the client’s business.



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