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How our biases impact on risk analysis

This blog post from the Harvard Business Review discusses the impact of our personal biases on decision-making.  Every day, managers make decisions and take into account risks associated with them. This is particularly true in the world of projects.  What’s interesting in this HBR blog is the degree to which personal biases are said to impact on those decisions.  This table of five different types of bias shows a range of distortions that can come about as a consequence.

My (slightly cynical) take on these 6 types of bias in the project world is as follows:

  1. The Risk Assessment shows it will be fine
  2. Success breeds success
  3. It went pear-shaped yesterday
  4. Don’t confuse me with the facts
  5. It’s my pet project, trust me
  6. Despite what everyone says, the project was a great success

Read the full HBR post here.


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