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OR Society Criminal Justice SIG Meeting 21st February 2012

CJ Special Interest Group event 21st Feb 2012 to be held at the Operational Research Society offices, Edward Street, Birmingham.


11.00-11.10 Arrival and coffee

11.10 -11.15 Welcome, Ian Newsome (West Yorkshire Police, chair of CJ sig)

11.15-11.50 ‘Predictive mapping of burglaries,’ Ian Bullen (Greater Manchester Police)

11.50-12.00 Introduction to afternoon discussion topic ‘Best practice in involving stakeholders in projects’, Sue Merchant (Blue Link Consulting)

12.00-12.20 ‘A few tasters’ – a little theory related to the discussion topic, Ian Newsome and Sue Merchant.

12.20-13.20 Working Lunch (dividing into discussion groups – introductions, sharing experiences of involving stakeholders in projects and deciding how each group wishes to tackle the afternoon’s topic)

13.20-13.50 ‘The role of the Evidence Based Policing Society’, Supt Alex Murray (West Midlands Police)

13.50-14.35 ‘Thinking differently in improvement programmes’, Judith Sawbridge and Tony Osborne (Staffordshire and West Midlands Probation Trust)

14.35-14.45 Reminder of discussion topics and products, comfort break/refreshments, divide into discussion groups

14.45-15.30 Discussion groups:

Topics: Consider one or more of the scenarios below, or suggest a different one, and brainstorm from your experiences good/bad practice in working out whom to involve/consult in the study and how. Jot down on a flip chart a summary of your thoughts on these points.

Scenario 1: Imagine you have been asked to find a way of evaluating the effectiveness of Probation Officer Managers in reducing re-offending ;

Scenario 2: Imagine you’ve been asked to review the rosters for a police call centre to enable service levels to be improved and costs to be reduced;

Scenario 3: Imagine you’ve been asked to facilitate a workshop looking at options for introducing mobile technology for front line police officers.

15.30-15.50 Group feedback to plenary session on good practice , practice to avoid and issues which need to be addressed when selecting stakeholders .

15.50 Close (Ian Newsome)

For more information, please e-mail Sue Merchant

A light lunch and refreshments will kindly be provided by the OR Society.


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