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Consultants talk nonsense!

Having read the Business Insider article on 2011’s most annoying management terms I was reminded of the annoying language I came across being spouted by external consultants at a client where I was also working.

What they said… What I think they meant…
Who is your face-off Who is your main contact?
Onboarding Induction
Traction ???
Be on point Be ready / stand by
View from the bridge ???
Socialise this slide deck Circulate/Distribute these slides
Land(ed) Tell (told) or Present(ed)
Glide-path ???
Reach out to them Ask them to help
This is in your space This is an action for you to take
H2 How to
Are you sighted on that? Have you seen it?
Coach him/her Explain to him/her

These are some of my most hated consultant words and phrases that I noted at the time.  No wonder the client was laughing at them behind their backs!


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