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Evidence-based decision-making: how to make it a reality

Managers are increasingly being challenged to justify their decisions with evidence and data. Management by Fact is the mantra of any organisation that is serious about Continuous Improvement. This half-day “taster” workshop for public sector managers will show you how easy it is to acquire the skills and confidence to help improve your decision-making through analysis of data.

Who should attend:

  • Anyone who manages a team or has responsibility for the performance of a department, and who perhaps feels they are not making the best use of available data and KPIs
  • This workshop is not for business analysts or performance specialists who are already comfortable handling data and applying statistical thinking

4 Reasons why you should attend:

  1. You hated maths at school, but feel you could do with getting more skilled at handling data
  2. The thought of statistical analysis fills you with dread, but you know there are better ways to analyse data before making decisions
  3. You need the confidence to be able to show quantitatively that the improvement actions you are taking are delivering real, beneficial performance change
  4. You want to pick up some simple tips for gaining insights from data that you can apply immediately back at work

Dates: 25th January and 20th March (London)

This workshop is being run jointly with Marriott Statistical Consulting.

Download the Brochure and Booking Form.



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