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Turn Your Data into Insights & Forecasts

My colleague Nigel Marriott is running his popular course “Turning your data into insights and forecasts with statistical thinking” in Bath from 19th to 21st October 2011.


This course is intended for anyone in the public or private sector who needs to analyse & interpret the results of surveys and trials and/or data collected over time periods, identify significant impacts, changes & trends in their data and produce forecasts of the future. The end result of such analyses is to turn your data into actionable insights & forecasts that enables data-driven decisions to be made. To achieve this, a practical understanding of Statistical Thinking, Concepts, Inference & Forecasting ideas is essential and so, over the three days, you will learn the following:

• Day 1 – the practical application of the standard statistical concepts of expectation, variance, probability, risk, distribution & correlation so that you can summarise your data efficiently and start the process of turning data into meaningful insights & trends.

• Day 2 – how to confirm your insights using hypothesis testing (T-tests, ANOVA, F-tests, Chi-squared test, etc.) and how the design of your trials and surveys affects the insight you obtain from your data.

• Day 3 – how to identify trends & seasonality in your data and prove they are real using hypothesis tests. How to extract the underlying trend using moving averages, detect significant deviations from expected trends using the principles of SPC (Statistical Process Control) and to extrapolate trends into forecasts.

The venue will be the Carfax Hotel on the historic Great Pulteney Street in Bath. This is less than 10 minutes walk from Bath railway station and is close to all the main attractions of Bath.

For more details on this course, please follow this link to the booking form. You are welcome to attend either one, two or all three days and if choosing one or two days, you are free to state which days you want to attend. The cost per person is:

1. £350+VAT (£420 including VAT) for 1 day

2. £650+VAT (£780 including VAT) for 2 days

3. £900+VAT (£1080 including VAT) for 3 days.

MSC Training is pleased to offer the following discount:

• 20% off for your colleague: Any colleague you bring along with you will receive a 20% discount off the course fees listed above.

• 4 places for the price of 3: Book 4 places and only pay for 3 places.



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