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Cloud plus Process: recipe for success?

Implementing Cloud computing solutions to improve your business processes should not be seen as “an IT project”.  This is a business improvement project, that just happens to be enabled with some really good Cloud computing services.

In this article I focus on implementation of process improvements using, one of the longest-established and most respected Cloud solutions.’s award-winning Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application can help organisations to improve their sales/marketing processes, client case management and many other organisational processes. It is being widely used in the private sector and increasingly in the public and charity sectors as well.

The article describes how we use Control 2007 to help clients prepare for the implementation of a implementation, including the engagement of managers and staff in mapping out possible new process flows.  It also discusses the value of discussing “how much change” is wanted or can be coped with and demonstrating the impacts of different process re-design scenarios.

Many consultants that help organisations to implement IT solutions end up simply training staff to “use the software”. What we are able to do is provide staff with an understanding of the processes as well as the software.  Nimbus Control has a really helpful bit of functionality called “Storyboards” which are step-by-step walk-throughs of any process. These can be used as a training resource or can possibly replace operating procedure manuals.  Because we create the process maps while designing the implementation of the software, they are readily available to be converted into Storyboards as needed.

The benefits of our approach include:

  • Client participation in the design of their Cloud solution and processes builds their understanding and commitment
  • Clients can decide how much change they need, want and can cope with, by testing out a range of scenarios
  • Development of the Cloud solution is quicker, with fewer re-work loops because of the high level of client engagement
  • Adoption of the Cloud solution and return on investment is higher because staff can learn the new processes as well as learning the new software

 Download the full article here.


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