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OR53 – Criminal Justice Stream: call for papers

I’m helping to organise the Criminal Justice Stream of the Operational Research Society’s Annual Conference (OR53) to be held in Nottingham from 6-8 September 2011.   

The main CJ Stream sessions will be on Wednesday 7th September and we are trying to work the timetable to give people the opportunity to participate in the Practitioner Stream as well.  Ideally, we’d like a couple of papers first thing on Wednesday morning and then there will be a facilitated discussion session tackling a current “hot topic”, later that morning.  Any more papers are likely to be rolled over to Thursday morning.

Presentations of papers are 30 minute slots, so really only need about 20 minutes of “talk” and then there’s time for questions.  Papers don’t need to be completed case studies, or completed research; we’ll be interested to hear about projects underway and how the challenges are being addressed.  Perhaps you have a current project and would like some ideas from colleagues; you could use the session to generate that discussion.

You will see on that there is a ‘Submit Papers’ option on The OR Society’s front page as well as on the OR53 main website page, at the bottom of the screen.

The deadline for submitting abstracts of papers is approaching.  Please do submit your paper’s abstract for the Conference – the online submission page is now available.  If you have problems with submitting a paper, let me know.

Remember, you don’t have to book to attend the whole conference; come along for the CJ Stream on the Wednesday if that’s easiest for you.



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