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Turn Trends into Actions & Forecasts

One of our partners, MSC Training is offering the following two-day course to be run in Bath on Wednesday 3rd & Thursday 4th November 2010.  “Turn Trends into Actions & Forecasts” is intended for anyone in the public or private sector who has to analyse data collected over time periods, identify significant trends & changes in trends and produce forecasts of the future.  In order to use time series data to make decisions and produce sensible forecasts, the use of Statistical Thinking, Concepts & Forecasting ideas are essential and so, over the two days, you will learn the following: 

  • Day 1 – the practical application of the standard statistical concepts of expectation, variance, probability, risk, distribution & correlation so that you can summarise your data efficiently and start the process of turning time series data into meaningful trends.
  • Day 2 – how to identify trends & seasonality in your data and confirm these using statistical tests such as T-tests & ANOVA.  How to extract the underlying trend using moving averages, detect significant deviations from expected trends using the principles of SPC and to extrapolate trends into forecasts.

For more details on this course, please follow this link to a booking form.  You are welcome to attend either one or both days.  The cost per person is £345+VAT (£405.38 including VAT) for one day or £595+VAT (£699.13 including VAT) for both days. 

For more information on how we and our partners can help you get more value out of the data you gather, please e-mail us.



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