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Make savings confidently with PRUB-Validate

In these tight economic times, if you’re a manager in the Public Sector you will almost certainly have to make cost savings. But how are you going to choose where to make the cuts and justify this to your customers and electorate? Can you identify objectively where services are not achieving the outcomes you are looking for and which expenditure is giving you the best value-for-money?

Introducing PRUB-Validate – a new purpose-built OpenStrategy tool…

PRUB-Validate provides you with an objective way to make decisions confidently on where to save money… right now… for single projects right up to large cross-cutting project portfolios that span many organisations

We won’t give you our advice or opinions because PRUB-Validate leaves you in control and builds rigorous strategic thinking capabilities within your organisation

 In just 3 steps, PRUB-Validate will enable you and your staff to:

  • identify and then justify savings quickly and objectively
  • reveal which of your current projects and services are serving your community best and which services are least effective
  • improve value for money by refining your existing services
  • effectively engage your communities in a dynamic way, as strategies are refined
  • collaboratively create and refine your strategies with many other partners
  • implement your strategies so they actually achieve your desired outcomes

We invite you to visit our partner OpenStrategies’ new website: where you can:

  • learn about their new PRUB-Validate product
  • read more about the power of PRUB
  • create a simple strategy using an interactive demonstration of the new PRUB-Validate web-tool
  • find out more about the full range of OpenStrategy tools

Once you have seen how PRUB-Validate works, you may like to take up the introductory offer:

  • PRUB-Basic on-line training for one user for 2 months

  • The new ’PRUB and OpenStrategy’ booklet (downloadable PDF)

  • A 2 month trial of the PRUB-Validate web-tool for one user

all for £100 + VAT


 Further information about OpenStrategy tools

OpenStrategy and the suite of PRUB tools are new generation diagnostic and strategy tools that offer a systematic and structured approach to strategic decision-making in a multiple stakeholder environment. They are grounded in practitioner experience – they have been used by public and voluntary sector clients in the UK over the past four years and have been adapted based on client feedback.

OpenStrategy and PRUB tools are built on a common strategy language and are perfectly suited to delivering place-based programmes, such as Total Place and Total Capital, where many partners are expected to work together in a complex environment.  

PRUB-Validate is a hands-on tool for validating public sector investments explicitly, on a case by case basis. It complements the collaboration and engagement functions of the proven OpenStrategy system.

OpenStrategies: An Introduction: Using the OpenStrategies approach for multi-stakeholder planning.  Read the Brief PRUB Summary for an overview of OpenStrategies’ PRUB Thinking.

We know that many of you already appreciate the ‘power of PRUB’ so we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Alternatively, contact OpenStrategies direct:

Dr Paddy Austin                                                          Dr Phil Driver

CEO, OpenStrategies (UK) Ltd                                  CEO, OpenStrategies Ltd (in New Zealand)                             

+44 (0) 7594 087702                                                  +64 (0) 21 0236 5861  (9pm to 9am GMT)


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