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Death of PowerPoint?

I’ve just been introduced to two tools/services that some people claim spell the death-knell for PowerPoint presentations.

They are Presi and Ahead.  These both offer “Zooming Presentations”.  Instead of creating slides in the “conventional” PowerPoint fashion, you start with a single, blank canvas and build your content on that.  Content can be a mixture of text, graphics and multimedia.  Having filled the canvas, your presentation can be “played” as a chosen route through the content, or you can allow people to browse around and pan across/zoom into any part of the presentation.

Both these tools seem to have been built by “creative types” and you might find them a bit odd to get started, but they are claimed to be very intuitive once you change your thinking from “linear” PowerPoints.

Ahead and Presi both have free account options and your presentations can be saved on the web, or downloaded and used offline.

At the moment, I’m keeping an open mind on these; they may turn out to be the next big thing in presentations, or they may just be another gimic.




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