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Control 2007 Return on Investment

One of the recurring themes at the Nimbus Conference (“Inspiring Performance 2009”) was that of Return on Investment (RoI).  In other words, how can an organisation build a business case for Control 2007?
The answer, of course, depends on what your organisation hopes to achieve as a result of adopting Control 2007.  Many of the presentations at the conference described how they had used Control 2007 to deploy new processes and to ensure these were fully adopted by staff. 
Richard Butterfield of Balfour Beatty said “An organisation without a fully adopted Process Management System can never sustain improvement”.  His view was that people like “simplicity, choice and integration” and Control 2007 delivers that.  Use of Control’s “My Page” gives staff access to processes, documents and performance information that is directly relevant to them, right on their desktop.  He also recommended retiring and removing all alternatives, so that Control becomes the “single source of the truth”.
One very clear demonstration of ROI was from a Nimbus client who ran a controlled trial where one group of staff was asked to find a set of information using “traditional” methods, while a second group was asked to use their Control 2007 management system.  The first group took, on average, 34 times longer to find the information!
Other Control users are doing the very simple calculation to work out the value of staff time savings simply from being able to find the information they need to do their jobs more efficiently.  A conservative estimate might be that each person could save an hour a week.  That’s probably quite conservative as another research study quoted by Nimbus had found that staff can spend up to 20% of their time just looking for information.
Clearly, the key to delivering these levels of return on investment are based on successful adoption of Control’s web-based, desktop functionality.  This enables staff to get rapid access to:
• The processes which they need to refer to regularly
• The supporting documents they need, such as policies, procedures and checklists
• Up-to-date performance measures related to their work

Conference slides here.

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