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TalkFreely’s approach to innovation management

Too often, innovation is stifled by institutional bureaucracy and layers of control.

It’s a dilemma at the crux of the challenge facing business leaders seeking a better way to engage with staff and customers – and so tap into a goldmine of insights and experience that can deliver continual improvement.

When you have to jump through multiple hoops before even the smallest change can be carried out, people stop changing.

There’s no value in great suggestions for improvement if they are shuffled up the management hierarchy until they get mislaid or pass their sell-by date.

But you don’t want mistakes, either. So to stimulate bright, workable ideas, you need to break through the ‘permission barrier.’

The answer is a system that does just that and unlocks the powerful potential in your staff and customers.

TalkFreely offers just such a robust, intelligent process. First, it encourages those on the frontline to contribute their ideas and knowledge.

Then that feedback is rigorously managed so the right people make the right decisions – quickly and effectively delivering measurable improvement.

It’s smart, reliable and secure. Contact our partner TalkFreely today to discover what we can achieve together.

Change and Staff Engagement: TalkFreely article.


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