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OpenStrategies – Partner Workshop

An invitation to attend OpenStrategies’ PRUB-thinker training…
We’re letting you know about a PRUB Thinker training course that OpenStrategies will be running in London on the 23rd and 24th of July.

PRUB is the methodology that supports the OpenStrategy system and can be used on its own to create small-scale ‘SubStrategies’.  These can later be integrated into a larger OpenStrategy, or used on their own to drive effective, collaborative implementation of a strategy.   

OpenStrategies' PRUB Thinking

OpenStrategies' PRUB Thinking

Many OpenStrategies clients say that they regularly use PRUB on its own as a strategy tool, complementary to the collaboration-components of the full OpenStrategy system.  In particular, people are finding that PRUB-thinking is a powerful way to identify Projects that are producing Orphan Results, and then saving money by stopping the projects or re-allocating resources to projects that will produce results that the community can actually use.  The CEO of one council has said that they “PRUB” every significant new idea to evaluate whether or not it will lead to genuine Benefits.

 The PRUB Thinker training course has a practical focus and will enable participants to learn and practice the skills necessary to:

  • Save money by identifying and stopping projects that produce results which are not or cannot be used by consumers or the community 
  • Develop clear and consistent strategic ideas and objectives that meet the needs and aspirations of their local communities 
  • Use the PRUB structure (Projects, Results, Uses and Benefits) to challenge conventional ways of thinking around strategy
  • Create and refine simple, practical and effective strategies that can be implemented, bringing about effective community outcomes 
  • Improve communication between organisations and the community through the use of a simple, standardised, and effective language
  • Develop an overview of existing and planned activity, showing both the ‘broad picture’ as well as a detailed breakdown of how the strategy will be implemented 
  • Make better decisions around the allocation of resources and about which Projects to implement 
  • Audit and scrutinise individual elements of a strategy or whole SubStrategies and see their relationship to other elements and their impact on the strategy 
  • Identify ‘gaps’ or missing areas of information in a SubStrategy 

The training course runs over two days, plus a half day follow-up session, with a take-home test and certification on successful completion.  Further details of the course can be found in the attached files.
London PRUB Thinker Training Brochure 2009

Brief PRUB Summary 

If you or any of your colleagues would like to attend this course, please complete the PRUB Training Registration and Payment Form 2009 and return it, plus payment, by email or by post to the following address:
OpenStrategies (UK) Ltd
The Studio
38 Bagley Wood Road


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