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How can you improve performance and build capability in 3 months?

AIM (Accelerated Improvement Method) is an intensive performance improvement programme with two objectives:

  • To achieve quantifiable organisational performance improvement within 8-12 weeks
  • To develop organisational capability to deliver future AIM projects

AIM employs the principles of two proven improvement methodologies: Lean Thinking and Six-Sigma, both of which have been widely adopted in the private and public sectors.  When implemented well they can deliver spectacular results.

AIM works in 7 stages:

AIM Programme 7 Steps

AIM Programme 7 Steps

We provide 10-12 days of intensive coaching and facilitation support over the 8-12 weeks of each AIM Project.

The Six-Sigma approach usually develops skills at several levels, known as “Belts” (as in judo).  AIM follows a similar approach, but without the jargon labels.  Our four levels are: 

AIM Programme Skill Levels

AIM Programme Skill Levels


To build a sustainable capability to use AIM’s Lean Six-Sigma approach and tools most organisations will need to train approx. one AIM Practitioner per 70-100 staff.  This is the skill level that our core AIM programme achieves.  Further support is available to develop Practitioners into Coaches.

AIM Projects should be chosen by senior management to address current critical performance issues.  One of the characteristics of suitable projects is that performance data are available that can be used to quantify improvements at the end of the project. 

AIM delivers two things:

  • A group of Practitioners who can apply Lean Six-Sigma techniques in a structured, but pragmatic way to solve business performance problems
  • Quantifiable performance improvements in a period of 8-12 weeks

Our consultants have worked with organisations to help them:

  • Reduce process cycle times (e.g. 48 days to 10 days – Facilities Management)
  • Reduce transaction processing errors (e.g. 70% reduction – Financial Services back office)
  • Reduce failure costs (e.g. 95% reduction in customer credits – Manufacturing)
  • Reduce delays (e.g. 50% reduction in late payment of invoices – Facilities Management)

 Download the full article on how we can help you to implement the AIM approach and deliver its benefits.


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