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Project Management

Everyone needs to be a Project Manager

In today’s business environment anyone, at any level, may be asked to lead a project team, or be a project team member.  And, increasingly, there are aspects of most people’s “day jobs” that require project management skills.  The challenge is how to give people those skills, plus the confidence to use them and deliver successful projects.

“Project Management is difficult!”  Oh no it’s not, despite what many “professional” Project Managers might want you to believe!

Over the past few years our consultants have been facilitating projects and delivering Project skill-development workshops in a variety of organisations in both the private and public sectors.  The one thing that characterises all these workshops, irrespective of the client, is the focus on learning new skills by working on real, live projects.
We firmly believe that learning about project management should not be a theoretical exercise, nor should it become a memory test aimed at passing an exam.

We have found there has been an enormous demand in both the public and private sectors to give people, at all levels, practical skills to manage projects (big and small), so that changes can be implemented effectively.  This needs to be done in a way that doesn’t stifle creativity, yet provides some structure and control – a difficult balance to strike.

In this article we describe the approach we have developed and how it has engaged, motivated and built project capabilities across hundreds of people, at all levels.

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