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Case Study: Process Management in an IS Department

“Linking an approach to process management to customer and performance drivers and integrating this into the overall management system”  

The project:

Processes in the IS Dept. of this blue-chip business were currently mapped at a high-level and available in the company intranet, with supporting details such as Process Owners, KPIs and key stakeholders.  Procedures and standards were held separately – IS-wide Standards in a central Quality System and local standards using various methods that met the needs of each work-team. They needed a more integrated approach to ensure full adoption.  


The IS Department was keen to make significant progress with capturing their processes using NimbusPartners‘ Control 2007 as quickly as possible, but with wide-scale management and staff involvement.  The approach Ian designed included:

  • Standard setting, for use of Control 2007
  • Development of a top-level IS Process Model
  • Agreement of the model with the senior management team
  • Briefing for process workshop contributors
  • Live mapping workshops run with staff
  • Training in Control 2007 basics for process authors
  • Coaching support for the IS Quality Team
  • Workshops for “Heads of” and their teams to validate the capture work
  • Summary presentation for senior management

The majority of project work took place over a two-month period and resulted in the capture of some 400 process diagrams, all within the overall context of the initial IS Process Model.

Benefits included:

  • Increased the “process thinking” culture/capability across the IS Dept.
  • Enthused people about process thinking and Control 2007’s capabilities
  • A baseline for further process improvement and process management
  • Potential to use a generic process for planning implementation of IT systems delivery
  • A detailed basis for staff training/coaching in Business Support processes
  • Awareness of Control 2007 capability beyond “capture”
  • Trained Control 2007 authors able to support their teams with further process management work

Creating a process managed environment using Control 2007 means:

  • All process maps are available, in real-time, up-to-date, on everyone’s desktop, in a commonly understood language
  • Supporting documentation (e.g. checklists, policies) is directly available from maps
  • Anyone can comment on, input ideas and seek improvement to a process at the touch of a button
  • The ownership and accountabilities for processes and performance measurements are visible on each map
  • Improvements and changes can be rolled out in a controlled way, after authorisation by key stakeholders
  • Training on working practices can be carried out using electronic “storyboards”
  • Good practices can be shared and their impacts measured

Different teams across the organisation wanted different benefits from the investment of their time in this work.  It is important to identify their specific improvement needs and design “next steps” tailored to meet these; e.g. document management, training, process standardisation, costing, streamlining, increasing process maturity.  Remember: “different hooks for different folks“.

Some of the learning from this project and others includes:

  • Process Capture/Mapping is not process improvement
  • Wide-scale staff involvement improves the quality of process capture
  • Process maps enable you to see some of the problems and opportunities.  You can see more with:
    – Process walk-throughs involving the operators/contributors
    – Data gathering and analysis
    – Regular Process Owner-led reviews

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